South Magazine, House Rules: Changing the Gallery Game

At The Hen House, a pop-up gallery located in an old haberdashery on 39th and Paulsen, running the space means subverting the traditional gallery model altogether.

DO SAVANNAH, Hen House ‘pops up’ With Art for Art’s Sake

The faded yellow paint holds the character of yesteryear on the corner of 39th and Paulsen streets.

Louis Armstrong sings “I love you” through a Panhandle Slim piece slapped to the side of the building, and a small, unassuming red door opens up endless possibilities for exhibiting artists.

WRUU, Art on the Air

We journey into the field this week, with three on-site interviews!
And we catch up with Kevin Clancy at their new project space “The Hen House!”

Connect Savannah, Hen House Takes Roost

Right now, Savannah’s art community faces a problem: too many artists, not enough gallery spaces.

With the recent closure of several gallery spaces, there are only so many places in town that artists can show their work. That, of course, is a problem because artists need a place to show their work.