The Hen House is an arts incubation space located at the corner of E. 39th & Paulsen just a few blocks from Savannah’s “Starland” District and the route of the First Friday Art March. It is the brainchild of Chris Fisher and Kevin Clancy who established the space with the hope of bringing experimental, collaborative and community-based projects together in the form of exhibitions, performances, and talks.

We are currently accepting rolling submissions for programming beginning in June and running through September. For a breakdown of available weeks, tentative hanging schedule, and closing dates please check our calendar.

The space currently rents at $186 per week pending donations. Any donations we receive will be distributed evenly between all artists based on the length of their rental and reimbursed in October. Please check the Donate page for more details.

All interested parties please forward five references (images, sound bites, video clips, whatever is applicable to your practice) OR a 500-word statement (for non-visual events) to